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Been Too Long || +open starter (Season One Dean) 


"I think that sounds like a good idea," she smiled. "I’m just really glad you’re back." She told him. "Anything you’re willing to share about?"

 His foot shifted to a more relaxed stance, the distance and reluctance almost melting from his face. He resembled the Dean that hadn’t dropped off the face of the earth— despite the obvious lack of communication that lingered in the air around them like the misting fog of a cold early morning.

"Depends," the Hunter began with the beginnings of a whole-hearted chuckle teasing the corners of his mouth above their usual resting level. "How much d’you wanna t’hear?"




I used to mope and go back and check to see if you’ve posted anything to indicate you were alive.



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after past events both at school and in my personal life were worked out I decided that I now have the time and energy to put all of it into this blog and go for the Dean 

I had it tested by a scientist

he confirmed it as science


Been Too Long || +open starter (Season One Dean) 


"It’s been too long," she almost didn’t want to let go, but she took a step back, only arm’s length and gave him a good once over as if looking for any tangible signs of injury, but he was definitely in one piece. "And the leaving is never pleasant."

 Dean followed suit, leaving only about two or three feet between them. He had been gone for four months, he wasn’t prepared to distance himself from one of his closest friends who he’d only just abandoned that short time ago.

     And of course— he was proud when he watched her scanning eyes inspecting every inch of him. She made sure there were no extra holes in his jeans, no scrapes or bruises; she wanted to make sure he was okay.

     The relief he felt couldn’t be explained in plain text.

"Yeah, well," his voice muttered, he hated having to apologize for leaving her high and dry again. It’d happened one too many times to count on his fingers, after all. No matter how many half-assed explanations he gave her, it never seemed to get any easier to lie to a fellow Hunter.

     Or a friend.

"Hopefully it won’t happen again. M’not plannin’ on leavin’ again anytime soon— maybe next time I’ll take you with me. Save me the hassle’a gettin’ a lecture on never answering my phone when I get back." the Hunter finished with a proud grin.


Been Too Long || +open starter (Season One Dean) 


Jo let her head fall to his shoulder, enjoying the moment in his arms. There had always been something there between the two hunters, and being in his arms, being this close to him, it felt right. Like everything was okay and she was safe.

       She was home.

"You better not have. I might’ve had to kick your ass if you did. She chuckled, reluctantly pulling her head up off his shoulder to look at him, brown eyes meeting green.


                “Where exactly were you?

 Those words always caught him off guard.

     Even through the hazy fog of a warm embrace with a girl he never stopped thinking about could be derailed by the tough question;

                                                                                     … where exactly were you?

     He’d thought of bringing back the old song and dance— the classic lies and basic evasion tactics were always engraved in the back of his mind. He knew it better than he knew the words to Led Zeppelin’s Mothership.

     But so did she.

    And she wasn’t going to take his dodging of the question very lightly.

 ” … y’know,” he began, after a long mental hesitation followed by an internal calming sigh, “Trouble’n paradise. Even the best Hunter around gets the wind kicked outta him every once’n a while.” 

     Something about the look that flashed across Jo’s already feisty eyes told him that wasn’t sitting well. He immediately cleared his throat to stall, a sign that he had more to say, despite the fact that his vocal tap had run dry halfway through his last sentence.

"But’m fine. Promise. Came out on top— not’a scratch. If anything, you should be proud’a me." 

    Hell, anything other than the white hot rage that practically inhaled the air surrounding her would do the trick for him, right now.


|| Open || 



   She snorted, shaking her head. “All I need is one man to satisfy me, Dean.” She winked at him before turning back to her laptop. “Though, you probably don’t wanna picture your brother that way.” She smirked.

   “Speaking of him, he found us a small case a few hours from here. Think you’re up for it.”

 He couldn’t help but smirk at that comment.

    And shudder.

—  "There’s that Winchester spark that makes me proud t’call you sister’n’law,” he proudly stated with a shake of his head and a slightly sarcastic tone surrounding the term ‘Winchester spark’, cracking a beer and draining half of the bottle’s fresh contents before she could go on. Dean’s eyes slowly drifted toward her as she spoke, the chugging of the fermented liquid ceased— no longer slipping down his throat in a refreshing buzz of light headed familiarity. 

     Bringing the bottle down level with his jawline, he managed a strained breath to shoot back a quick, “Interesting, ah?”

     With another quick breath in, the Hunter dropped the weight of his head into his chin, bringing his gaze to the laptop that was shining overtop her lap and sparking a technological glint in his eye.

" … yeah, why the hell not. What kind’a gem does this town have hauntin’ their asses this time? Demons? Werewolves?" he asked, before cocking a somewhat childish grin and adding the hopeful idea of, "Loose girls lookin’ for a handsome dude who’s into the kinky stuff?"


|| Open || 



"You stink like Booze and Sex?"

         “Fun night, I take it?”


 The Hunter let out a small chuckle, shaking his head in a gesture of visible playful collection of himself.

"Well… can’ exactly put my finger on exactly what th’hell last night was… so, hell yeah. Then again— all’a my nights’re freakin’ sweet, so that’s not sayin’ much. Couldn’t imagine bein’ tied down t’one ginormous dude bein’ as hot as you are. … no offense.”


Been Too Long || +open starter (Season One Dean) 



      “Lemme get this straight, you think it’s okay to drop off the face of the earth and tell no one? Let me think you were dead? Dean it’s been hell without knowing what happened to you.

As much as she wanted to keep yelling at him she couldn’t help but feel a rush of relief knowing that he was okay. “I hate you so much…” she murmured and walked to him, holding him close in a tight embrace.

                              “You are such an asshole.

 Worn, albeit slightly shaking, hands slid around Jo’s slight waist, pressing them together in the grip of a comfortable vice— unable to let go, unwilling and uncaring.

     He hadn’t held her in months.

     He wasn’t ready to let her go anytime soon.

     With a shaking voice, he tried to speak before realizing his immediate need to steady his tone— he had to seem stronger than he felt. He was the man here, after all.

 As she murmured into his chest, he could sense that she was struggling to keep it together, even knowing he was safe.

    That made his chest burn in an ache of past feelings beginning to resurface. Feelings he’d thought were long gone— buried and hidden away, forever.

"I never forgot about you, Jo. … don’t worry. I missed ya’ too damn much t’forget about you."